05/10/2010 02:12

Bharatpur, October 4, 2010, R.P Sharma:

The disbursement program of the NCEF Scholarship for the newly selected students from Chitwan district, Nepal was held on October 4, 2010. The disbursement program was held in the initiation of the Area Coordinator (Ram Prasad Sharma) at Shri Kavilas Secondary School, Kavilas VDC, Chitwan district, Nepal. Since the Area Coordinator is associated with Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan, president and secretary of the same organization were also present in the program.  Similarly a few teachers, Head Master (D B Chhetri), Assistant HM and the selected students were present in the program. Area Coordinator gave a short introduction about the education policy of NCEF USA to the attendants of the program. Besides this the President (Badri Raman Sharma) of Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan spoke to encourage the students to do better in study.

The selected students received the following educational materials under NCEF Scholarship.

Uniform- Shirt/Pants/Skirt/Sweater

Slipper, Dictionary, Atlas, Copies, Pen, Inkpot and School bag

Mr. D B Chhetri expressed special thanks to NCEF USA for the selection of three students from Shri Kavilas Secondary School, Chitwan under NCEF Scholarship. The selected students also expressed thanks to NCEF USA. They assured the Area Coordinator that they will do notable progress in study. After the program was over the students were taken to the nearby tailor shop to get their uniform stitched.