Motivated by the feeling of social welfare,  a social welfare organization BAL KALYAN SAMAJ-CHITWAN  has been formed to help the educational development of the Nepalese children in need. The organization has been registered in the District Administration Office, Chitwan (Registration No. 19/065/66)and has received the affiliation from Social Welfare Council, Nepal(Affiliation No. 25844). Currently,  34 life members are involved in this organization and we are receiving  support from other people too. Presently, the organization has working committee of nine members from among the life members.


To support for the education of the helpless and poor children.


 As per the mission of our organization we do the following activities:

*    We are a non-profit making social welfare organization. 

*    We take initiation to manage scholarships for the  students studying in different government schools. 

*   We take initiation to manage stationery and uniform for the target group. 

*    We encourage the street children, child labour and the children of sex-workers towards formal school education. 

*    We take initiation for running activities related to the mental, educational, social, economic and physical             

     development of the target group. 

*    We make an effort to decrease the involvement of child labour in the household work and we do support to run different income generation activities in the communities to create environment to join school by the target group. 

*    We do motivate the community members  in different environmental friendly activities and promote the use of local resources..

*    We conduct research related to the children's issues.