Dear Friends:                                                                              

Over the years, Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan has said thank you many times and we anticipate a future with many more thank you messages to individuals and organizations.  Your support has enabled us to provide assistance for the educational upliftment of the needy Nepalese children

For the past three years, we have been coming to you to defray a portion of the costs to operate the Scholarship and Child Sponsorship Program.  Remember that 100% of designated gifts for the child sponsorships themselves go to the children. Therefore, Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan asks for your help in assuring the support system necessary to effectively carry out this program, which benefits a number of children in need year after year. 

Because of support by awesome child sponsors, needy Nepalese children are now receiving support in the remote villages of Chitwan district in Nepal. 

Let us continue to walk this journey together. We ask you to consider a gift toward the operation of the Child Sponsorship Program. Your gift in any amount will be appreciated and will allow us to continue building better lives for needy children in Nepal.  May God’s blessings continue to shine upon you.


Ram Prasad Sharma
Executive Director
SFEP Program

Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan